Find the IP Address from an Email Message

This tool tries to identify the IP address of the sender of an email message based on email headers.

Important! Trace Email tool is not 100% accurate. Some email headers may be forged. Use it with caution. Also, take into consideration that, for Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, the IP address of the Google/Yahoo mail server is shown.

How to use Trace email IP address

  • Step 1. Identify the email header.

    - GMail - Open the email. In the upper right corner of the email you see the Reply button and a little down arrow to the right. Click the down arrow and choose Show Original.

    - Yahoo! Mail - Right click the email in the inbox and choose View Full Headers.

    - - Right click the email while it's in the inbox, choose View Message Source.

    - Microsoft Outlook - In an open message, click the File tab. Click Properties. Header information appears in the Internet headers box.

    - Mozilla Thunderbird - In an open message, click the More option. Next, click View Source. Header information will be shown in the popup window.

  • Step 2. Copy and paste the full headers of the email to the text box below. (You don't need to copy then entire message, just the headers.)
  • Step 3. Press Trace button.
  • Step 4. If the sender's IP was identified you may see it in a table below the text box.