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San Pedro IP Addresses

City (State, Country)
IP Range
 San Pedro IP Addresses - San Pedro (Belize, Belize)

What is a San Pedro IP address?

The assignment of IP addresses is managed by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Regional Internet Registries are responsible for specific regions of the World. They allocate IP address blocks to Internet Service providers from United States.

A San Pedro IP address is assigned to an ISP or hosting provider that provides Internet services in California, United States. Further, ISPs and hosting services allocate IP addresses to their subscribers, private persons or companies.

The most common San Pedro IPs blocks have the following format:

How to get a San Pedro IP address

You may change your public IP address by using a proxy, a VPN service or TOR. Check the Hide IP page for recommended services with servers in United States.

San Pedro IP addresses blocks/ranges

You may find above samples of IP addresses blocks allocated for San Pedro, California, United States. The information is extracted from the IP2Location LITE database available from At this time, only IPv4 addresses are listed (no IPv6 addresses).