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  • TOR IP DATABASE(1): No Tor IP detected!
  • TOR IP DATABASE(2): No Tor IP detected!

What is the Tor IP Check test?

The Tor IP Checker tries to detect if you are connected to the Tor network, based on the visible IP address.

XMyIP Tor IP detection test explained

XMyIP.com checks two IP databases that contain information regarding the IPs used by the Tor network: IP2Location and the Tor bulk exit list from the Tor website.

Important! At this time, the XMyIP test does not work for IPv6 addresses.

Tor IP database check

Anti-fraud services continuously monitor the Tor project and Tor IP addresses and the information is stored in IP databases. The XMyIP Tor test queries two IP databases containing Tor IP information.

It is possible that the XMyIP Tor check gives false positive results?

Yes, it is possible. As Tor nodes are created and removed at a high rate, it is possiple that some IPs are no longer used by the Tor network.

I am using Tor, but the IP is not detected. Why?

It is possible that XMyIP Tor test does not detect some Tor IP addresses.

If are using a Tor exit node that was recently set up then, most likely, the Tor IP was not (yet) listed in the IP databases.

In order or find our more information regarding your real IP address take the IP Address Lookup test or the Proxy Check.